Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday Night At The Movies


Good morning!  I hope your weekend was a fabulous one~Even though the sky is blue and the birds are chirping, the little guy is showing little interest in going out to play, so he's being entertained right now by watching his new fave-Michael Jackson's "This Is It".  It's so obvious when watching him watch IT that he was born just waiting to get his little groove on!  It's in his blood.  I come from a long line of music and dance lovers.  I've always been one myself~even as a little tiny person.  It's so funny to watch him imitate~Brings me right back to when his big brother found his groove.  Good times!!

Anyhoo, our local church has decided to host a free movie night once a month~open to the public.  Super-awesome!  When we found out that the first one was on a Friday night, which just happens to be our date-night~WITH free childcare, we said,"Woo to the hoo! Where do we sign up?!!"  

Truly, does it get any better? The only thing missing was a plate of yellow curry and a pot of green tea!
So, we went~Which leads to this post. This morning's hot topic was a bit of a no-brainer, after this movie.  Movies like this are revolutionary.  Transforming.  Life-altering...all in a GOOD way.  The kind of movies that make you feel like you have a new lease on life simply because you watched and listened.  For us, it was really something more like this: Watch/Listen.  Cry.  Cry some more.  Laugh!  Cry.  A little more.  Feel your heart in your throat.  Contemplate.  Cry some more.  I must add that it was a feel-good movie.  I promise~Hard to believe based on  a couple of sentences prior, but it's only because it hit so close to home.  I want to experience a movie like this the same way I experience worship so many times.  Feeling the hand of God.  His presence.  The Holy Spirit speaking to my heart.  Correcting.  Convicting. Comforting.  Encouraging me.  Illuminating the places I've so often missed but still have chances to correct.  Tears streaming down my face in sorrow, and at the same time, the overwhelming joy and peace only found in Him.

For those of you who have become disheartened by all of the junk coming out of Hollywood these days, a movie like this will restore your faith in humanity.  In creative processes.  In actors and the characters they choose to portray.  My only gripe is that movies like this don't a)get the attention they deserve at the box office(one day's running time isn't sufficient in my book), and b)often times, the reviews would lead people to believe that the acting is sub-par; the plots aren't well thought-out, and that they really aren't worth the time it takes to watch them.  While occasionally that may be true, it is absolutely NOT the case with this movie.

While this movie targets the male populations~mostly men/fathers, I walked out wondering how many WOMEN were just as influenced by it, and how many were walking out, like myself, committing to leave a different kind of legacy behind for their loved ones.  How many of us had made the decision to be the kind of wives and mothers that GOD created us to be?  How many of us were determined to turn our backs on the world's expectations of us and listen to what GOD had to say about our marriages; our kids; our abilities and opportunities; our power to make things different.  To take a stand.  To stand by our husbands.  To teach our children to love the Lord, and to count on Him. To teach our daughters to respect themselves.  To raise our sons to be responsible and honorable.  To teach our children that morals and integrity and respect will get them farther than following the crowd.  To raise our children in happy, loving, safe homes.  To reach out with our hands and our hearts to other children in need.  Children in single-family homes.  Children experiencing loss.  Even those in trouble.

I want to be that woman.  I want desperately to be that wife and mother.  I want to be that friend.